If you’ve been following along with our social media recently then you’ll already be familiar with Heath in his new role as a dad, but what we thought we’d take the time to introduce you to him as our incredible yoga teacher!

Heath is part of our team of instructors here at Primal, bringing his expertise to our Tuesday night yoga class – the perfect way to reset and ground before hitting the second half of the week. It’s also Heath’s favourite type of training here, so not only are you getting his expertise and knowledge, but you’re also experiencing the guidance of someone living their passion! He loves teaching here, and the best thing about Primal is the friendly atmosphere – it’s an inviting place to teach and to train, and everything is here ready for you.

When Heath isn’t practicing and teaching yoga, he enjoys spending time in the garden growing his own veggies or getting out for a hike. He also likes to travel
and recommends heading to Sri Lanka for a holiday or for somewhere a little closer to home – Cocos Keeling Islands which is a beautiful little spot off of Western Australia in the Indian Ocean.

To manage a physical lifestyle, we asked Heath what his number one fitness tip was so that we could share it with you, and he told us that his tip is stretching. You must not forget to stretch.

And as any of our team will tell you, life is about balance and Heath is no exception -as you’ll know by now, we ask all of our team what their favorite food is and Heath’s? Supreme pizza!

Get in touch to book a class with Heath and an intro to the gym if you’re not already part of our community – we’d love to have you.




Membership Consultant and Clinical Nutritionist






XXX years


Heavy squats



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