Meet Ella! She is our membership coordinator, swim teacher for the little ones and all-round superstar!

Ella has come from a background of customer service and fitness, with interests including spending time with family and friends, going on adventures and just hanging out having a laugh.

Ella says her favourite part about working at Primal Health Club is the atmosphere and how lovely everyone is. She says every member is always happy to have a yarn with you even if they don’t know you!

Ella’s best ‘member moment’ was when a mother, daughter and son came in as a family and signed up to the gym all together. She said it was awesome to see a strong family unit put their minds together and to continue their journey with that support system behind them.

Ella’s top tip you ask? Start off your fitness routine with a big compound movement so that you’re your energy gets thrown into that first. For women, that could be hip thrusts or Bulgarian squats and for men, that could be bench press.

Something people don’t know about Ella is that she has had 2 knee surgeries and yup you guessed it, both on the SAME knee! Well now you know! Ella describes herself as an open book and says there is little that people don’t know about her!

Ella’s also got a special talent which is card tricks! I guess you could say she has a few cards up her sleeve (no pun intended). Next time you’re in the gym, spot Ella and ask her to give you a demo!

If you could train with anyone in the world, who would it be?

“The Rock!!! Pretty much because he’s huge, such an inspirational person and very strict with his nutrition and fitness regime. He is always on the ball and have you seen his cheat days? THEY ARE AMAZING!” *Insert love heart eyes here*




Membership Consultant and Clinical Nutritionist






XXX years


Heavy squats



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