There’s more than one way to tone & strengthen your entire body, using a barbell, plates and/or your body weight, and that’s the secret behind POWER!
Guaranteed to GET RESULTS….

Taking exercise to another level, X55 means EXTREME LEG & BUTT WORKOUT IN 55 MINS
There’s no group fitness program, equal to the task, that can provide such an amazing cardio & toning workout than X55
Cleverly designed to use a step, hand weights & your bodyweight, X55 will transform your body like no other training program

A combination of simple exercises using props such as kettle bells, bands, barbells, medicine balls etc or just the weight of the body. Several muscle groups are involved at the same time, which results in a considerable increase in the metabolism and aerobic and anaerobic capacities. It is an effective, dynamic and fast training program.

A combination of heart-pumping fist-thumping techniques. Comprising of a hybrid of boxing, military unarmed combat, and defensive tactics to ensure you learn and burn. No experience required, we focus on technique then build a workout around that.

Unique to Primal we utilize the rower, bike, and ski ergs. This high-intensity workout will test not only your cardiovascular it will also target over 80% of your muscles this is definitely a bang for buck workout not to be missed!

This one’s for our older Primates, who are young at heart, our OG class offers gentle, lighter-paced activities with options to accommodate all. Focused on improving strength, mobility, and the release of endorphins to promote wellbeing and improve cognitive function. Maybe even make friends and have some fun along the way.

Metafit is a super-efficient workout which means you can spend less time training while still cashing in on all the fat-burning, metabolism-boosting, and heart-pounding benefits. It incorporates bodyweight strength training with cardio moves that can be tweaked to suit your fitness level whilst still maintaining the intensity for an effective HIIT workout.

MetaPower is a 30-minute circuit class that will change your thinking about exercising. It combines resistance and bodyweight exercises to develop and improve strength and agility. In this workout, you will use equipment like kettlebells, slam balls, weights, and ropes. MetaPWR training is one of the best, most intense strategies for building muscle, burning fat, and improving fitness.


A system of exercises for mental and physical health, including breath control and the adoption of specific bodily stretches, is widely practiced for health and relaxation. A fundamental part of life, being flexible, and agile. *School Term Only.


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