Being Accountable For Myself

We all love coming to the gym, hitting it hard every time we are here, and following the “one more rep” mentality but in reality is this effective? Is this efficient? Am I getting the results I want? And most importantly, will this support me in having an active life for as long as possible?

Well…the answer is not so simple. We can all agree on one thing, and that is that we all want to get results. Some people can handle more work than others, hitting it hard and getting stronger, while others plateau, or worse, are injured. Whichever category you feel you fall under, if you want to have an active life for as long as possible you need to consider the longevity of your approach. You will need to aim for a full range of motion, mental health (and by that I mean feeling motivated and eager to come back, avoiding burn out), and to avoid injury. When we are able to balance those factors with life in general we can say that we are on the right track. 

So, how can you get there? Let’s start with the basics – solid foundations lead to solid results. You need to dedicate appropriate time: time for recovery, time on the foam roller or the massage ball, time cooking your meals, quality sleeping time, and minimising alcohol and other junk that detracts from your health goals. Keep in mind that your muscles grow when they are resting and that you increase recovery by eating quality food in accordance with your level of activity. The other factor is training wisely and maximising the time actually spent in the gym. There is a difference between training and exercising. Training has a purpose; you establish short, medium, and long term goals so that any time you visit the gym you have a real reason to be there. Exercising is just being active, plain and simple. Either way the choice is yours. Don’t feel guilty or bad about which choice you make because what matters is that you are happy and meeting your goals – just remember that results require hard work and commitment so be mindful of your expectations. These basic foundations will underpin your longevity. 

Taking care of our body is how we stay accountable for our actions in the gym. Following these principles will help keep you active for the long run, and to achieve your personal goals. Also, make sure that you are following a fitness protocol sensible enough that it supports you to achieve your goals safely.

In conclusion, to get the most of your gym membership showing up sometimes is not enough. It is only the first step of this amazing journey towards a healthy, active life. You achieve what you want in life based on how committed you are to your goals and how much you really want them. I want to encourage you to get the most out of that membership, not just by using the facilities, but by taking advantage of all the benefits that Primal Health Club offers. We are ready to provide you with expertise -I am ready! There are personal training sessions, group classes, specialty yoga sessions, and other educational activities to point you in the right direction, and that direction towards long-term health.