Advice for newbies (don’t get bored in the gym)

So you joined the gym…… and you are eager to begin your fitness journey ASAP. Maybe you’ve done your kick start program, or you feel wise enough to have a crack for yourself based on the extended knowledge acquired through years of collecting magazines. Or maybe you’ve been following some influencers every day, watching them lifting heavy on a weekly basis plus eating whatever they want so now you can do it too. You’re ready, you know it all, and you’re ready to put it into practice. And now, you’re here –except that now that you’re here everything seems alien! Sure, you’ve seen those things on YouTube but on closer inspection they seem so heavy. Everything is heavy!!! You wonder how people on social media make it all look so easy. You’ve joined the gym, you’re eager to start, and now…you have no idea what to do next. 

Now you are lost, and everybody seems to be minding their own business and you don’t know where to start. You question if joining is the right choice, and think that perhaps you aren’t fit enough to be in the gym; you are feeling intimidated by the environment and afraid to ask. Confused, you spot the treadmill or exercise bike. Here’s something you can do! So you walk over, feigning confidence, and spend a few minutes on them before finishing your ‘workout’ with some sit ups. You probably do that for a few more weeks before you become bored and angry that nobody is helping you. You’re watching people posting about their journey all day long, their weight loss, or how they pack 20kg of muscle in 6 weeks; so why is it so hard for you? Rather than ask for help, you cancel your membership and are right back where you were four weeks ago – ready to start the cycle again somewhere else, growing angry and resentful towards fitness, and still completely lost when you step inside the gym. 

This may not be your story, but for millions of people this is the cycle they are stuck in. The specifics may vary, but the theme is the same. I am going to help you to navigate this process so that you understand what is needed from you to succeed and achieve your goals so you don’t get bored in the gym.

Step One:
Let’s begin with setting goals, and narrowing them down to realistic achievable accomplishments to reach your long term goals. You need to know what you want out of the gym so that you feel like your journey has a reason. It doesn’t matter what the reason is – it’s your journey, your goals. 

Step Two:
Be honest with yourself and understand that you need help. Seeing others’ training doesn’t qualify you to do it on your own – you need to learn how to perform the exercises correctly (i.e. safely), how to eat, and how to recover. 

Step Three:
Don’t be shy! Reach out to the people who know their craft. You will be surprised by how supportive and understanding they can be. It is their job, my job, to point you in the right direction; so be proactive and take control of your fitness journey. The gym will present you with alternatives to help you get the most of your membership but is up to you to take direct action. It is possible that you may have to invest a bit more money and time, but it is knowledge that will keep you safe and happy in the gym so you can reach your goals. Don’t forget, you’re paying for years of experience and education (something I’ve invested time and money into) so that they can provide you with all the knowledge you need to achieve your goals safely.

Step Four:
Off you go! Now you have the support, the direction, and the fundamentals to hit the gym. You may still feel like a beginner, but you’re no longer lost. That direction will keep you from getting bored in the gym.

If you are serious about making some big changes in your life and are prepared to commit and work hard to get there (something they don’t really show on social media) then make an informed decision and educate yourself.