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If you’re looking to transform your body and live a lighter, healthier and happier life – this could be the most life-changing website you’ve ever stumbled upon.

Meet The Team!

In her late teens, Rachel was constantly sick – there didn’t seem to be a cold she didn’t catch, and a joint that didn’t ache. It wasn’t until her back gave out and a chiropractor suggested to her that maybe, just maybe, her lifestyle was an issue. Apparently a diet of pizza and beer wasn’t healthy – who knew?

It was from then that Rachel first started learning about nutrition and exercise. She had dabbled in boxing and strength training, and looking back had been an active kid, but once she got to high school it all fell away. She never considered herself the type of person to go to a gym and her complete refusal to participate in gym class was a running joke. The best thing about being alive is that you can make changes, no matter how small or hard, and take it from there. And with that, Rachel found herself learning more about holistic living and remembering how good it felt to have a healthy body.

Rachel studied and applied various ways of eating – paleo, raw vegan, 80/10/10, zone, high carb, no carb, and everything in between…some with more success than others. She trialled various training methodologies and discovered the gym was actually ok. It was around this time that she decided she would complete her certificate III and IV in Personal Training, followed by certifications in boxing, CrossFit, and nutrition. She also studied a Bachelor of Education (nope, still definitely not gym class though), Bachelor of Arts (with a focus on eastern religion), and Masters of Social Work. While a seemingly eclectic mix, this has provided Rachel with a holistic view of how our physical and emotional self work as a unit.

During this time, Rachel met her now husband. Together they opened a boutique CrossFit and training studio in Prahran. Fab focused on the training side, while Rachel focused on nutrition. They were able to work with allied health professionals, including integrative GPs, physios, and naturopaths to provide clients with a holistic experience that taught them how to become independent and in control of their health. They operated this for five years, and during this time welcomed two children to the mix. As the children grew, so did Rachel’s homesickness, and the family relocated to the country and took some time for Rachel to focus on her studies. And now, as fate would have it, both are back in the wellness industry with their roles at Primal – again, Fab focusing on training, and Rachel excited to provide nutrition support.

Nothing is as simple as ‘just eat this’, and ‘don’t do that’. Health is complex, and what works for one person will not work for their buddy. It may for a little, but we all have different ways of approaching life and until we address ourselves as a whole and consider our outside influences, we will not be able to find the balance and healing to have a truly healthy lifestyle (and this has nothing to do with how much fat you carry, so let’s get that out of the way!). By listening and supporting the individual on their journey, Rachel is looking forward to providing a space for clients to learn the skills they need. While for some the outcome will be weight focused, Rachel’s favourite moment is when they realise all of the benefits that come from nourishing themselves and the non-scale victories that come alongside it. And don’t worry – there is definitely no judgement or guilt when working together. We are hard enough on ourselves without someone else joining in.

Hi l’m Penny
I had always played sport and been active in my teens and 20’s never really giving much thought to what l ate, drank and how often l exercised. But that all changed after having my 3 children. With little time to myself and no energy when l did, l very quickly felt out of shape and miserable.
This led me to joining a local gym, becoming a Personal Trainer and then helping not just myself but assisting clients with improving their health and feeling better about themselves.
Since then l have continued to have a keen interest in nutrition and exercise, to not only stay in shape but to have more energy and be able to get the most out of life.
Today those kids are still keeping me busy, but l now have 15 years of tips and strategies up my sleeve to keep eating well, stay active and overcome the hurdles life throws at as when we make time to put our health and wellness first. I am excited and looking forward to being able to share those with you.

We are a part of the fantastic team we have here at Primal. Over the last five years, we have helped hundreds of guys and girls (just like you), to lose their unwanted kilos – and keep it off for good.

We know the gym is not for everyone and can be an intimidating space at first so we now can offer a weight loss solution with the support of our amazing team without having to come into the gym.

Now, we giving a group of carefully selected ladies the chance to do the same for FREE.

Here’s how it works…

If you’re accepted onto this program – you’ll be handed a training and nutritional program that’s been designed to meet your goals, starting point, injuries, dietary requirements (and more) to burn through unwanted fat. This will be your “blueprint” for losing the weight.

You’ll then work your butt off with our highly skilled coaches, in a supportive environment, and follow your unique plan to transform your body.

And then – once you’re successful in achieving the target…


We also promise to use ALL the resources at our disposal to guarantee your success – as long as you put in the work and commit to change.

But don’t get me wrong.

We know that losing weight and getting in amazing shape isn’t as simple as following a training and nutrition plan. Otherwise everyone would be lean and looking amazing.

That’s why…


This is NOT a “set and forget” program where you’re handed a plan and then left alone to struggle. You’ll get a unique combination of training, nutrition and mindset coaching that’s administered in a supportive community of like-minded people – all on the same journey to a life of health and fitness.

We will guide and support you through, and you’ll have access to new friends to share recipes, workout tips and just provide much-needed support through the “low points”.

We’ve seen this model transform lives so many times that were completely confident you’ll get the results if you follow the plan.

We have a culture of hard work, supportive community and RESULTS through time-tested methods. There’s no fanfare or shortcuts but our way works.

So, if you are tired of trying to change the way you look and constantly coming up short, crumbling or “falling off the wagon”, and you want some extra motivation, support and expert coaching, we can help.

Register at the top or bottom of this page, to express interest to learn more, and then we’ll book you in for a free Information session. Our team will personally review your application to make sure it’s a good fit.

If your application is successful, we will put you on course to change the way you look, feel and LIVE for the rest of your life.

What the challenge involves



More than a diet, you get a personalised eating plan based on real food. You’ll learn how to lose weight, using food from your local supermarket, and receive healthy quick recipes that you and your family can enjoy together.

Our members are amazed that they steadily lose weight without being hungry. Some say that a ‘diet’ is the last thing you would call it! Developed by leading Australian dieticians who specialise in healthy eating plans targeted towards women.



Through the program you will find yourself immersed in the strong community of likeminded people with close personal support from your Health Coach – which is what will inevitably keep you coming back for more!



You will learn what works for your body as everyone has their own individual tolerance levels for different foods. This program is all about education so you know what to do to maintain a healthy and happy life.



Giving you an eating plan and telling you to exercise is like giving a student books without a teacher. That’s why the dietflex program includes support with one-on-one coaching sessions to reach and maintain your healthy weight goal.


Exercise – included but optional

The exercise program is for women of all ages wanting a better shape. Not only will you be slimmer, you’ll be firmer too.

You’ll also receive an at-home training plan from one of our senior personal trainers. This does not require any equipment.

Our special women’s exercise protocol burns more calories and gives you a firmer body in less time.

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